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Create symbolic links for all the R3D clips contained in any EDL or XML file.


When conforming a project to DaVinci ResolveĀ® it can be useful to collect all your R3D clips into a unique folder if your files are spread across many volumes.


This tool will create symbolic links of all the clips referenced in your project (any EDL or XML file will work) into a single folder : all your raw source clips are symbolically there without loosing any time or disk space...


fool_symbolink will keep on asking for more source drives / folders until all clips are found and if some are missing will tell you which ones.

Join spanned DSMC2 PRORES clips.


foolclip lets you automatically join PRORES files from FAT32 REDMags into a single clip with identical name, timecode and audio/video content. You can create either a reference foolclip in the same folder as your clip segments (small size and fast but requires the original files and some long clips with audio may not import into Premiere due to a known issue with apps not using AVFoundation framework) or create a new stand alone / self contained PRORES clip for each of your clips.

More stuff coming soon to this page, and you can get in touch if you need info on older tools.


foolcontact / metabox : R3D browser, metadata editor

RED16 EDL : RED16 reelnames into FCP 7 EDLs

R3DCollector / EDL R3D Trim Tool : copy or trim R3Ds into a new destination

XML 2 REDCINE-X :  script to go from Avid/FCP XML into REDCINE-X

foocut_AE : FCP X to AfterEffects advanced export